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The Benefits of Multiroot Technology

Multiroot Technology

The Multiroot technology can enhance the plant growth potential twice or thrice compared to a normal plant. The practice of grafting additional rootstocks has broad soil adaptability, rapid initial development, drought resistance, early bearing, high productivity, disease resistance, plants longevity and lower the incidence of wilt.

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Longer Life Span

If the roots of the plants were injured or diseased, the plants will no longer absorb water and nutrients from the soil and the plants will eventually die because of lack of nutrients from the soil. In multiroot plants, the other rootstocks will support the build-up and the tree will survive.

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Soil Condition

Multiroot plant especially in dry climatesand have a specialised dimorphic root system consisting of a deep-reaching taproot to access deep soil water resources and groundwater and a more or less dense network of horizontal lateral roots in the topsoil primarily responsible for nutrient absorption.

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Early Yielding

The root system is the basic foundation of plants and its growth depends solely on root development. The multiple rootstocks to greatly accelerate the growth of nutmeg trees twice as large as the normal trees. So, the trees fruit earlier and bear more fruit compared to the normal trees.

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More Resistance

Roots are essential for plant productivity and serve a variety of functions .The architecture of a multi root system may influence its ability to withstand uprooting by wind. It gives better root anchorage that enables the trees to resist strong winds and other adverse conditions.

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Nutrients Absorption

The rootstocks in multroot pants absorb more water and ions than self-rooted plants and transport these water and ions to the aboveground scion. This type of roots increases the nutrient uptake and utilization efficiency in plants.

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Multiroot Long

The best variety in our farm

The “multiroot long” variety nutmeg has bigger and heavier nuts and flower than that of the regular variety. (80 to 90 seeds of the long nutmeg add up to a kilogram and 300 to 350 flowers weigh a kg.)

Nutmeg Long

Bunch of Nutmeg

Flower Long

Heavier than normal

Root Type

Multiroot System

Long Seedlings

Seedling in grow bag

Multiroot Long Nut

Sharp View
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Thrikkeparambil Multiroot Nutmeg Plantations and Nursery was originally founded in 2011 as a normal plants nursery. Started our operations in the year 2013, we, Thrikkeparambil Nursery, are known for manufacturing, supplying and trading a wide range of the finest quality Multiroot Nutmeg, Coco & Fruit Plants.The plants are cultivated under hygienic environment by using the finest grade of organic manure.Customers have the facility to visit the farm and familiarize about the breed, quality , high germination capacity, ability to bear harsh weathering conditions, longer life span and excellent survival rate, make these plants ideal for agricultural purposes. Our company has evolved and responded to our customers' demand of quality nursery products.

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